Cascina Cantaret, apartments in the middle of winecountry!!

Here in San Marzano Oliveto, surrounded by our vineyards, we have made these two apartments, just to make sure that you too will be able to enjoy the relaxing life, food and wines of Piedmont and the Monferrato hills in particular.
Welcoming you to our farm are Mauro, Vilma, Jennifer and Ilaria.
The name we have chosen is derived from the old Piedmont dialect, Piemontese. Cantaret is the name used for the old fashions scales used ages ago. We found a "Cantaret" among other old pieces when we renovated the old cascina, or farmhouse, some years ago, and you can see them if you come to visit.                               

We have two apartments available, "Fienile" and "Barrique", which are let from Saturday to Saturday.